Getting Windows Server

In order to install Windows Server you need two things, an install image (like a DVD image) and a product key. In this lab you’ll download install media from Microsoft and find a group of product keys that won’t activate Windows but will allow you to do the installation.

Step 1: Get a Windows Server 2016 DVD

Windows DVDs are distributed as files. You can download an authentic, legal copy form Microsoft:

Downloading Windows server requires you put in your name and email address. I have an evaluation DVD available at the link below if you would rather not give that information:

The download may take some time depending on your internet connection.

Step 2: Get Temporary License Keys (Optional)

There are license keys that will allow installation to proceed but will not activate Windows. You can find those keys on Microsoft’s website:

Depending on the ISO you may be able to install without a key. If it forces you to use one you can use one of the keys on this page.

Turn In

Use the Windows Server DVD image and repeat the process in the Installing Windows lab. Turn in a screenshot of the Windows Server desktop (Core or Base).