Milestone: Microservice

When you have completed this milestone you will have web pages hosted from your custom domain. In class we setup Docker and created a microservice. For this milestone you’ll get a web page up after following the instructions here: Docker Microservice

Double check your setup with a browser as instructed in the HowTo. On canvas you will submit two URLs. One for each of the virtual hosts.

Updated Firewall

Remember, your must update your Firewall before this will work. The following chains should be updated from your previous configuration to look like this:

IPv6 FORWARD Chain (Policy: DROP)

Rule Selection Target
1 Input from device ens224, output to ens192 ACCEPT
2 ICMPv6 Protocol ACCEPT
3 NEW packets to TCP port 22 ACCEPT
4 NEW packets to TCP port 25 of infra ACCEPT
5 NEW packets to TCP port 80 of app ACCEPT
7 UDP/53 to the IPv6 of infra ACCEPT
8 ALL packets LOG

Updated DNS Records

You should also update DNS to contain an entry for “www” in your domain. You should also have a “naked” domain redirect described in the lecture notes.

Turn In

  • A URL that links to your microservice

  • The output of the command “docker ps”

Submit your work on canvas.