In this lab you will explore the different answers you get when you ask for help.


When you’ve worked with Linux for a while there are some things you will never forget, like how to set a machine’s IP address. But when you’re first getting started “little” things like that can be hard to figure out. Use your favorite search engine to find out how to set an interface’s IP address in Linux. Ask for how to do it using different distros. Here’s an example search: “how do I set my IP address in Ubuntu Linux?” Use this search for at least two distributions and look through at least two answers per question. Make a note of what each answer tells you. Answer the following questions:

  • What searches did you try and what sites did you visit?

  • What differences did you notice between different sites for the same search?

  • What differences did you notice between distributions?

  • Was there a command that was common?

Also, to help me understand you better answer:

  • What are you most interested in learning about Linux?

Turn In

Turn in the answers to the above questions on Canvas.